Vietnam–Vibrant & Yummy Food

I'm finalizing this post at the airport as I sit awaiting my flight to Thailand. Figured it was time to post my pics from Vietnam. In all honesty I wasn't planning to share my Vietnam pics because I didn't see the point. I have moments like this sometimes where I get so turned off by …

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Break ups, How to Deal, Episode 6

Hello beautiful people, I had a little delay getting this last episode recorded. I was unsure about which topic I wanted to cover next and my attempt at another topic felt unnatural so I opted to wait until something else came to me. I'm really happy to be sharing this one especially because of how …

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Cohabitation as a Congolese Woman, Episode 4

In this next episode I discuss my experience living with my last boyfriend. My Congolese culture does not condone cohabitation before marriage so my family was not in support of this decision. However, I'm glad I did it and I'm sharing advice to others who maybe considering it. I believe we should do the things …

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How to Teach in Korea, Episode 3

I'm getting the hang of this vlogging thing! Checkout my latest episode where I share tips on how to teach in Korea. If you like what you see, show a girl some love. Lol! Subscribe, like, and share please. Hetep~