Joburg, Day 2 – Art +Family

Day 2, I ventured out on my own, downtown Joburg, to visit two galleries. One gallery turned out to be closed without notice. Nonetheless, I was glad to have at least been able to visit one. I also met up with my cousin for lunch and then he took me around to his old neighbourhood …

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Hong Kong + Day 1 in Joburg

Bless my heart for actually thinking that I'd be able to share all the pics from my trip at once. Lol! Sooo I'll be sharing 1 or 2 days at a time. First up is my 12 hour layover in Hong Kong where i visited the Giant Buddha on Lantau Island. It was the perfect …

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Busan Biennale 2016 + Fireworks Festival

This weekend was one of the most enjoyable I've had, so far, since moving to South Korea! I got to hangout with some really cool people. Spent an entire night dancing and visited the museum. If only you could see how I'm still beaming, with joy, from the experience. I know I've expressed, in previous …

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Jamaica was everything!

I initially planned to write a blurb to go along with the photos from my trip; but, I haven't been able to find the words to do my experience justice. So, I decided to let my photos speak for themselves. Keep scrolling and see for yourself. Hetep.  

Atlanta + History x Art

Last weekend I got to go to Atlanta and visit family. Although the weather was pretty overcast and rainy I made sure to still do the majority of the things i had planned. For starters, I finally got to visit the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. It was inspiring being surrounded by so …

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