Chiang Mai + Phuket

**Don’t ask why it took me so long to share the rest of my time in Thailand. Fyi, I am back in Korea. I’ll have details in another post– for now keep scrolling for details on my time in Thailand in Sep/Oct.**

Remember when i said going back to solo travels felt like riding a bike after so long… bumpy at first but eventually smooth riding… well I lied. I’m on day 15 of my Thailand trip and I gotta say I’d be having more fun if i was with someone. Solo travels are great and all and I’ve been there done that but nothing beats having a travel buddy with you particularly one who matches your travel style. So I don’t think ill be doing solo travels anymore or at least not for long trips. I don’t want to say that i’d never go on a solo trip again but i’d rather go with someone. A partner or a friend or even family.

So i’m currently in my dope hotel room in Phuket. I underestimated how expensive this place would be in comparison to other parts of Thailand for food and transportation. Even Grab is super expensive. I haven’t really been out and about as much as i thought i would be and a part of that has to do with the weather. It’s been on and off raining. The other reason is that i haven’t been feeling very well physically… More on that later.

I kind of miss having a routine that came when i had a job. I don’t miss my job. I miss my students and I miss having structure in my day to day occurrences. I’ve never been on vacation for this long so sometimes i feel a little stir crazy. I’m trying to live in the moment and enjoy it all because there will be a time in the future when i look back and miss the days when i had absolutely nothing to do but relax and in a beautiful country such as Thailand.

I have no idea where I plan to work when i get back to Canada. I’ve done some light job searches online and i can’t help but feel like i’m going backwards and not forward. I guess the worst thing that could happen is that i find a job and end up hating it and then decide to work somewhere else. But really this actually isn’t even the worst thing. At  least I have options. So i’m staying positive and open about it. Trusting that i will attract the right position for me at the right time.

I don’t have many pictures of Chiang Mai because I really didn’t do any site seeing. The only sites I saw were the inside of many different veg restaurants. Lol! I did a lot of eating. Only took one food pic and a couple others, see below. The food pic is of the best vegan pizza I’ve ever had. Also, got a pic with my childhood best friend’s little sister, Emilie, who has lived in Chiang Mai for a couple years. It was nice to hang out with her and share meals and good conversations. She was much needed companionship.



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