Two Days in Bangkok

I’ll admit when I got to Thailand it took some getting used to because I was alone. My last two trips were with counterparts so this is my first fully solo trip since Bali. Thankfully it’s kind of like riding a bike after so long. At first you are a bit wobbly but then it’s a smooth ride. I’m currently seated on the floor at Suvarnabhumi, in Bangkok, awaiting my flight to Chiang Mai. Before mentioning how excited I am to get to Chiang Mai let me back track and tell you about my time in Bangkok.

So for starters the hotel I booked was underwhelming. It was called Khaosan Art Hotel and I’d say the best thing about it was it’s location and the friendly staff. Other than that the facilities were basic. The room I was first assigned to devastated me when i walked into it. It was the smallest hotel room i’d ever been in. Also, the bathroom was subpar and there were two little stains on the bedding. After contemplating for a good while on my options a that point I decided to go down and just flat out tell them that i wasn’t happy with this room based on the reasons i stated and that i’d like a better room. Mind you, i was prepared to pay the difference for a better room if they weren’t willing to upgrade me for free. Thankfully the man who checked me in was kind and upgraded me to a better room free of charge. I was so grateful and relieved. The second room was a slight improvement from the first one. It was much cleaner, a little larger, and there was somewhere for me to put my bag versus in the first room where i had to keep my bag on the floor. So that was one of the major things that put me off about the first room. Now I know this is totally a first world problem and I fully recognized that as i was sitting in my first room feeling so disturbed. Finally when i got settled into my second room I had to stop and have a moment of gratitude to even be on a trip let alone able to afford accommodations.

So my first full day in Bangkok i spent doing a little site seeing. I saw two temples, the Wat Pho (reclining buddha) and the Wat Benchamabophit. They were both gorgeous in their own right. I am aware that many temples in South East Asia look pretty similar so I didn’t go too crazy with the temples. I chose each of these because they had something unique about them. The Wat Pho has the huge and stunning reclining buddha statue. It was breathtaking and amazing. Then the Wat Benchamabophit is made entirely out of white marble. It was gorgeous.

Another highlight from my day was my hour and a half massage I received at a place called Spaya from a masseuse named Wine. This woman’s hands had healing powers. Her touch put me in such a deep sleep I woke up feeling so rejuvenated. Highly recommend this massage shop. It only cost me about 14 Korean won. Also they are very clean and they have the two option rooms where you can be laying on the floor on a padded mat or the regular massage tables with a hole for you to put your face in. I prefer the tables with the hole because the other ones make my neck hurt after a while of being turned to one side. Oh and heavens how could i forget to mention the food?! So on this day i chose amongst the plethora of veg restaurants. I went to one called May Kaydee. I ordered like 3 different things to get an idea of how good their cuisine was and my favorite dish was a fried rice dish. What i like about this restaurant is that they don’t use MSG and they use local and organically grown ingredients.

The following day was art day. I visited a contemporary art museum and got to check out some local talent as well as an exhibit by local Thai youth and the Asean exhibit. I enjoyed the entire experience. My meals on this day were at a restaurant around the corner from my hotel called Peeps Thai Eatery. I went there twice in one day. That’s how good their food was. I got a dish called 6 o’clock fried rice. So yummy and I loved that they had the option to sub brown rice instead of white rice. Honestly, I think Asia should always have the brown rice option since it consumes so much rice and white rice is literally what’s left of the grain once the nutritious parts of it have been stripped off.

I ended off my day with another hour and a half massage, this time at a spot near my hotel. My lady wasn’t as great as Wine but I was still able to do some meditating during my session which was nice because i still left feeling very good.

Fast forward to now, awaiting to board my flight to Chiang Mai. I’m so excited for the hotel I booked. I def splurged and got one that has an outdoor pool and a nice fitness center. I’ve heard such good things about Chiang Mai for vegans, yoga, meditation, and spirituality. My intentions are to do a lot of introspection and yoga and enjoy nutritious food. I’ll be there for 10 days so it feels nice to settle down somewhere for a bit.

Keep scrolling for pics from my 2 days in Bangkok.


6 thoughts on “Two Days in Bangkok

  1. I’m in the midst of planning my first trip to Bangkok, so I found this article really helpful! The food sounds amazing, and you definitely can’t go wrong with a massage. Any tips for a solo female traveler in Bangkok?

    1. Thanks for checking me out! I felt pretty safe in Bangkok alone. I used the grab app to get around when I didn’t feel like walking. Download it if you don’t already have it. Also, instead of buying tours I just did my research on what was worth seeing and saw them on my own. Depends what you’re into. It’s more convenient if you stay close to where everything is. Nonetheless, you’re going to have an amazing time!! Safe travels ๐Ÿ’—

      1. I haven’t heard of that app, but I’ll definitely check it out! I’m probably going to stay in a hostel, so hopefully I can find one downtown because I’d rather not go on tours and do what you did. Exciting, can’t wait to finally see everything in person. Thanks for the great advice! ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. There were tons of hostels downtown so I’m sure you will find a lovely one. The hotel I stayed in was near Khaosan road which is where all the hostels, bars, and restaurants are. Basically where all the action is lol. I also forgot to mention if you planned to buy a local sim card when you are there and or arrange a ride from the airport, I used a site called klook to do both and it was just nice to already have a car waiting to take me to hotel since I arrived at like 1am. The car service I used cost me 25 USD. The sim card was like 8-10 USD (for unlimited data for 8 days, after that you can top up by buying credit at any 7/11 which is what i did) and all I had to do was present my voucher and passport at the sim card counter and they installed it into my phone for me and everything. Sorry for the long winded message. These are just things I figure might make your solo trip easier as it did for me. You’re going to have such a good time. Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m currently in Phuket as we speak. ๐Ÿ’–

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