Vietnam–Vibrant & Yummy Food

I’m finalizing this post at the airport as I sit awaiting my flight to Thailand. Figured it was time to post my pics from Vietnam.

In all honesty I wasn’t planning to share my Vietnam pics because I didn’t see the point. I have moments like this sometimes where I get so turned off by social media. Also, I didn’t take as many pics as I usually do on trips because I wanted to focus more on being present and taking everything in. So I put my phone down for this trip and it felt good to detach from being online.

My trip to Vietnam in June was my first time there. It was a good trip. I started off in Hanoi, then went to Ho Chi Minh, and ended in Da Nang. My favourite places out of all three were Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang. The beach in Da Nang was beautiful I went to My Khe Beach. I stayed in the water and under the hot sun for several hours, didn’t reapply sunblock, and got a very bad sun burn. Still it was a good time.

I got a lot more stares in Vietnam than i’ve experienced in other Asian countries I’ve been to. Maybe it was a combination of me being not just a black woman but also a black woman with locs. I guess they aren’t used to such a site? Nonetheless, it became annoying. I wondered if I have become oblivious to the stares because I live in Korea and am so used to it happening sometimes but in Vietnam it was very constant and extra. Like, if you want to stare at least be discreet about it!

Other than that little nuance everything else was great. The food and things in general are very cheap and Ho Chi Minh, especially, was very veg friendly. One restaurant in particular that captivated me called Hum Vegetarian in District 3. I always gush about this restaurant when I try and tell people about it. Everything about it was just beautiful. From the decor, the vibes/energy, the food-quality and taste, the menu design, the ingredients they used. From the moment you step inside you are taken on an experience and I’d describe it all simply as art. The underlying theme of all their dishes is wellness and I loved how they have explanations for all their ingredients such as the benefits and uses so if you are new to certain dishes or ingredients it’s all laid out plainly for you. Not to mention the staff is very knowledgeable on everything and basically walk you through how you can best enjoy all their dishes.

You know the food was amazing if I didn’t even take a lot of food pics. Lol! My fav dish on the menu was the spring rolls which are big enough to be a meal on their own. I ate at this restaurant twice, once for dinner and the second time was for brunch. If I lived in Ho Chi Minh I’d be a regular, for sure! Did I mention the staff is so warm and friendly. Everyone greets you with a big genuine smile. Check them out if you are ever there– they even have a second location in District 1 that has a different themed decor.

I don’t think any travel pics or blogs will ever do a place justice. Go and see for yourself! In the meantime, keep scrolling for pics.



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