Marriage or Nah?, Episode 5, Black and Abroad

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage? Not necessarily!

In this episode I build off of my last episode, (checkout episode 4 — Moving in with my boyfriend), and share the societal and even cultural norms that we live under in things like relationships and starting a family. When my parents met, back in Congo, getting married young and starting a family was the norm. Marriage has always been taught as the ultimate benchmark for me as a woman, especially, so much so that I found myself striving towards it even with the wrong people. First off why should marriage be an indication of my value as a woman? Secondly, why should I wait until I’m married to start a family if I find myself in a committed relationship and am ready to have a child. Yes, I’ve seen the statistics and articles in support of bringing a child into the world with two people that are already married but these articles don’t address the couples that aren’t married although still in a healthy, committed, and stable relationship. The articles were speaking in reference to child birth between two people, who were raised in poverty, who do not have a future together, aren’t educated, or have a secure job to support their child and then remain in poverty. I also agree that this is not a desirable environment to bring a child into.

Anywho, checkout episode 5, and hear for yourself. Don’t forget to subscribe, like and share!


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