Visiting home after a year abroad…

The Chuseok holiday (Korean Thanksgiving) this year gave me about 12 days off from work so I took the time to go back to North America. To say it was so nice being home is an understatement. It really didn’t hit me until I got back, and was surrounded by family and friends, how much I missed that side of the world. It was the little things like not having a language barrier, driving a car, using uber, the increase in dispensaries in Toronto. Yup, it was really nice to be back! Lol!

Before my departure I was mentally prepared for the possibility of experiencing reverse culture shock, but it never came, so that was nice. Maybe if I was away for longer and hadn’t traveled outside of Korea, within this last year, I would have experienced it. During my trip I also couldn’t help but notice how much I really enjoyed, and appreciated, not being surrounded by Koreans. Lol!

By the third day of my trip I was already contemplating how I could stay and not go back to Korea– like how much did I really care about my belongings in my apartment? Lol! Well, I’m currently writing this from my living room, in Korea, so I did return. *deep sigh* But not without reconsidering how much time I want to spend here after all.

During my trip I was on the move quite a bit and this could be one of the reasons why it felt so short. Despite it actually being pretty short considering I spent a day flying there and a day flying back.

I spent 4 days in Toronto, 3 days in OKC, and 4 days in Georgia. In Toronto, I got to see my family, and friends, and even some of my old coworkers that made an impact on me while I worked there. One of the highlights of my time in Toronto was seeing my niece and nephews, getting a retwist on my baby locs that I’ve been free forming for the last 10 months. Sondra at Loc N Twist in Brampton is amazing and so knowledgeable!! As well as, the frequent trips to the Roti Shop. Oh and of course the dispensary visits. Hehehe!

While I was in OKC I got some new ink at Muse Art Tattoo (thanks Ra!), visited some of my favourite spots like: Hefner Lake,  Myriad Botanical Garden, Brick town, and the Plaza. In Georgia, I got to meet my new niece, who was born recently, and see family (mama’s cooking and warmth) and hung out with some new friends.

Keep scrolling for pics, and the captions, providing a little more detail of my trip.

Hetep ~

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