Another year older, wiser, faster, stronger !

So I turned 28 on Saturday. Yay!! As they say, you’re only as old as you feel– and I’d say I feel 28. Lol! The month leading up to my bornday I did a tally, of all my accomplishments, in my 27th year and I am glad to see growth. My focus, since graduating from university in 2014, has been to find my purpose. My search has led me to South Korea, and every time I see 11:11 or 1:11, I am reminded that I am on the right path and to pause and take notice of my thoughts and surroundings. I sometimes see this sequence a lot and it has influenced my outlook.

I don’t know about you, but the closer I get to 30, the more excited I become. Probably because I know how much growth can take place, in a year, so imagine the growth potential two years from now. I am manifesting this person everyday.

This year I really wanted to have a low key, and chill day. The introvert in me doesn’t enjoy planning get togethers unless it’s just for me and one other person. It took me planning, and then canceling, 3 different events to end up just following my gut and not try to force any bornday festivities. So, instead I decided to cut my guest list short and keep my plans open to all the possibilities of that day. What took place was exactly what I wanted so I am grateful.

I started off my day by taking an overnight bus ride, to Seoul. I had to be at my new job by 10am to sign my employment contract, its official, yay! I got to Seoul with about 5 hours to spare before heading to my appointment so I stayed at the jimjilbang called Siloam. Fyi. a jimjilbang is a Korean style bath/sauna/spa. They often also have an area where you can sleep and all for a cheap price of like 10-12 KRW.

After signing my contract I met my friend Gladys, in Itaewan, and we went to a vegan restaurant called Plant. Omg, it was so damn delicious! I got a veggie, avocado, burger and wouldn’t have minded coming back there for dinner that evening to have it again.

Next, we went to a record store a few blocks away from the restaurant. I wasn’t really feeling this record store in particular because it was really commercialized but I browsed while Gladys looked around and sampled some tracks. After this we headed to Gangnam to check into the hotel room Gladys booked for herself and basically took me in for the night lol! It was my first time experiencing a nice hotel, in Korea, since moving here I’ve only stayed in hostels/guest houses/Airbnb. After my lovely hotel experience I’m not going back to hostels. Lol! The hotel was called Shilla Stay.

After checking in, we headed over to our second record store for the day, called rm 360 in Bangbae, this one was exactly the kind that I prefer. One word, crates! I must have sampled over a dozen old school reggae records and ended up buying two. Mind you, I don’t own a record player, yet– but that will be my next purchase. On Amazon browsing as we speak lol. My only qualm about this record store is that I wish they had a larger jazz collection and they only had one Miles Davis record. Other than this I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this store.

Once we finished up there we headed back to the hotel to drop off my records and make a small modification to my outfit. On our way back out I had a quick photo shoot with this enormous teddy bear in the lobby. Thank you, to Gladys, for capturing the moment because it was a lot of fun hugging and posing with the teddy bear. It brought out the kid in me and I believe it’s important to tune into that part of ourselves sometimes. I’ve shared a few pics below.

Next we headed to a pizzeria, in Gangnam, called Brick Oven Pizza where they had New York style pizza. They unfortunately didn’t have vegan pizza but they did have a veggie pizza so we shared one. It was delicious.

Once dinner was done we headed, to Itaewan, to meet Gladys’s friend for drinks and shisha. We had good talks and exchanged positive vibes. As the night was winding down I got the urge to bar hop because well, it’s my day shouldn’t I do it up? But in actuality there was nothing more that I wanted to do than go back to the hotel and take a bubble bath, in the huge tub, in the room. That’s exactly what I did! I haven’t had a bubble bath since moving to Korea, most apartments only have a stand up shower. So my bath time was bliss, so grateful.

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a different way to have spent my day. I was in good company and doing things that I enjoy. Oh, and I almost forgot, Gladys got me this gorgeous head wrap all the way from Ghana. It was really touching that she was able to figure out what I’d love and get it for me. I can’t wait to wear it.

Keep scrolling for pics of Teddy and I.


17 thoughts on “Another year older, wiser, faster, stronger !

  1. That Other Petra Guy

    Hi there!!! I nominated you for an award. Please visit this link ://
    All the best and congratulations.

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      1. Oh I can definitely here you… definitely! πŸ˜‰
        But I’m no king shorrty im a renagade… You are a queen of Queens though and I hope you can here me shouting it out from northwest baltimore bity… On my block! Lol… πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š

  3. Ariel Sahar

    Happy birthday! I like low-key birthdays too. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Congrats on your new job!!!

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