Updates, let’s catch up…

Hello old friend,

It has been a little while, again, since we spoke. If you haven’t already noticed, I take a hiatus, from my blog/social media, sometimes. Usually, it’s because there is something going on in my life, that I’m figuring out, and other times it’s because I’m experiencing a mental blockage and, simply, can’t bring myself to write. I’ve said before that in order to ensure that I am producing quality, and honest, posts I don’t force my words. In this case my absence was due to a little bit of both mental blockage, and just needing to focus. So here I am to update you since we last spoke.

For starters, my locversary AND Earthstrong are coming up this week. On July 20th, it will be one year since i started my loc journey. On July 22nd, I will be 28 years old. Last year I spent my Earthstrong, in Jamaica, at a yoga retreat and this year it will be spent here in South Korea. I’m so grateful! I’ll have a separate post about turning 28 and how I spent my day.

Next, believe it or not, but it’s been 11 months since I moved to Korea!! My contract ends at the end of August and then I’m taking a solo trip to Cambodia!! I’m very excited about this, if you couldn’t already tell by all the exclamation marks, lol! I’ll be visiting the Angkor Wat temples and attending a yoga retreat. I’ll have pics, from this trip, to share with you, and I always hope to make you feel like you were there with me, so keep an eye out for those.

Furthermore, four months into my contract here, I really didn’t see myself doing another year in South Korea and was considering Thailand and/or Shenzhen next to live. Buuut, I have decided to do another year, here, and move to Seoul!! I’ve even, already, secured a new position teaching English, this time in a community centre, with a dope international company that is multi-cultural and is even accepting of tattoos! So I wouldn’t have to conceal mine, as I currently do, but just come as I am and be a true representation of myself. How cool is that?

I’ll be working with 6 other foreign teachers, from various parts of the world, and 3 Korean teachers who speak very good English. This is a major change from my current situation. Lol! At my current school I am the only foreigner and my coteacher is the only one who is remotely fluent in English. Oh, something else that I’m excited about with my new position, I get to teach alone without a Korean coteacher. This part is a dream come true because it gives me much more practice running my own classroom if I ever decide to keep teaching for a living.

So lets see… what else haven’t I covered… oh yes! I’m really enjoying my Holistic Nutrition Coach certification program. I am learning sooo much and am already applying it to myself and those around me. It is so cool! I should also mention that when I get to Seoul, I will be getting certified as a personal trainer, so that I can assist my clients with not only nutrition but exercise too. Basically, I want to be your one stop shop. Lol! So I am very excited about this as Seoul has a much larger foreigner community, as well as, numerous English speaking gyms and personal trainers where I could get hands on training experience.

Lastly, I’ll briefly mention, I’m in a new relationship… *blush* it’s going very well. He ISN’T Korean #blacklove lol. I’m not ready to share much detail on this part of my life, yet, but I will when I feel inclined to. Since my blog is about my journey and I’ve shamelessly shared details of my break up, in the past, I feel comfortable eventually sharing details of my new relationship too. I will say that dating after spending time alone is more fulfilling than I’ve ever experienced, specifically, because I’ve learned how to love unconditionally and I have a much better sense of who I am, what I want, how much of myself I should share, and how much I should keep to myself.

Mistakes I’ve made in the past, maybe you can relate to this, has been giving too much of myself to my significant other and to the relationship but not having anything left for my own personal growth. Achieving a balance and loving unconditionally makes for a very healthy relationship, not based on possession or superficial values, with someone who also has a good sense of who they are and what they want. A blog post on this to come.

That’s it–for now! Next week, I’ll be sharing a post about turning 28 and how I spent my day. Talk soon.


2 thoughts on “Updates, let’s catch up…

  1. Chantee

    Dope update! I’m looking forward to the updates! Thanks for sharing with us! Congrats on your loc journey and blessed earth strong when it comes!

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