10 months loc’d, this is my journey …

When i decided to start my loc journey I never could have anticipated the confidence and freedom it would bring. I think at first I was mostly focused on just getting past the dreaded “ugly stage” where it’s hard to say what’s going on, on your head. Lol! I’m happy to say, the “ugly stage” wasn’t even THAT ugly. But, I’ll let you be the judge looking at my pics below.

The confidence I now feel is no longer the type you have to “fake until you make” it’s this really easy and natural confidence. So cool! Plus, I feel liberated. Not only has growing locs made my morning routine so much quicker, (goodbye wash days… if you have natural hair you know how time consuming it can be), and easier, it’s also saving me money from not needing to buy expensive extensions and paying for installations.

I’ve had people ask me why I chose to loc my hair, over one of my previous hairstyles, and I realize that not everyone sees or understands the beauty, or necessity, of this process. For me, it’s a part of my emancipation, in taking back control of my own standards of beauty as a woman of Afrikan descent. In other words, being more mindful of the things I put into my mind and body. Not just taking what’s given or said. Questioning everything! Waking up from the slumber. Getting in touch with myself– redefining my relationship with God and nature. Turns out we’ve been out of touch for a while.

I’ve never felt so beautiful, and confident, and the coolest part of it all is it’s all ME. So this is what happens when you stop trying to fit into a standard and understand that you ARE the standard (thank you Lauryn). What you see is what you get.

I’ll never forget when I decided I was going to loc my hair and I had a good convo with my little brother, who is onto his second set of locks now, and he asked me why I was doing it. He wanted to make sure I was going about it for the right reasons but more so to ensure that I understood what this journey entails. My answer to him, I still think about today, I simply said, I’m due for a commitment. If I can’t make a commitment to myself I have no business committing to anyone or anything else.

I started my loc journey, on July 20th, 2016 — in Swift River, Portland, Jamaica. I was sitting on a wooden chair, in the yard of my airbnb, amongst people who felt like family. Surrounded by nature, and the sounds of the spring river flowing, I felt right at home.

Keep scrolling for pics from my loc journey. Let me know if you have locs and your reasons for starting.

Hetep ~

P.S. At 4-5 months into my loc journey I decided to take the free form route in the hopes for less uniformed and fuller locs. I like the simplicity of literally letting my hair do what it wants. I am so happy with this decision and the way they are shaping out. I have not retwisted or interlocked my hair in 6 months. The most I do is wash with castille soap, or neem shampoo, and moisturize with whatever oil I have on hand like, olive oil, or coconut oil.

Also, when I feel some of my locs joining at the roots I gently pull them apart. I don’t wish to intentionally combine any of them, as I had initially done with a few around my hair line, in my third month. I noticed a couple of my locs were thinner and shorter so I joined them with the nearest loc to form a thicker lock. But, I ended up taking them apart after it was brought to my attention that the locs, even the thinner ones, will swell and it wouldn’t be good to have heavier locks at my already weak hairline. Which reminds me, that is another cool thing I noticed, since starting my loc journey, my edges are growing back. If you wear weave or braids regularly then you understand the struggle. Lol!

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