My Fitness Journey

I remember watching the weight begin to increase when I started dating my boyfriend, at the time, so I guess you could call it, “happy weight” or “new relationship weight”. When we met in September 2011, I weighed 208 pounds, at the most, but carried it well because of my height (5’9) and build. At that point I can say I was content with my weight. I was even, STILL, content when my clothes started to fit a little tighter and my curves got more pronounced. Plus my dude loved em’ thick so I really didn’t feel unattractive. Lol!

Six months after we started dating I got a part-time job at a five star hotel. Everything was great! I enjoyed working in a new industry that sees different people from all over the world, as well as, the work perks of employee pricing for hotel rooms at all their properties.

The issues arose when I started getting scheduled on overnight shifts. I had the lowest seniority in my department. Imagine working overnight Friday, Saturday and sometimes an afternoon shift (these are called doubles) on Sunday. Then going to school full-time during the week. I could never stay awake in class and struggled to sleep at night. All the switching back and forth was confusing my system. It felt like my body didn’t know when it was meant to be alert and when it was meant to be asleep.

In the beginning, I worked the night shifts with a positive outlook and got through them with the support and encouragement of my family and bf. Also, my job did try their best to divide the nights between me and a coworker which made it bearable. But, after a year, I ended up having to take on all the weekend night shifts so this is when things got very real. My school workload was also increasing as I progressed through my undergraduate studies and, if that wasn’t enough, my family was also going through a really difficult time. The worst we’ve ever experienced. A division between my siblings… please don’t make me choose a side.

So to reiterate, I’m working nights, unable to stay awake in class, don’t have the energy to keep up with my readings and assignments, my family is at odds, and my weight is still creeping on.

I was miserable! It showed in my weight at 225 pounds. Even when i did try to get a hold of the weight gain, by changing my eating habits and exercising regularly, it seemed like my body was holding onto the pounds for dear life. I remember just feeling so damn low, mentally, and spiritually I cried all the time! I even became codependent with my bf who took my burdens on with such strength, kindness and compassion. I’m grateful for him.

Fast forward to April 2014, my grandma (also my namesake) left her physical form and went to be with the ancestors. So I went back to Toronto to be with my family. It was always my dream to visit Congo to meet her in this lifetime. But, I’ve come to terms that I don’t need to have met her to feel connected to her.

While I was in Toronto I saw my sister-in-law who had recently lost 20 pounds. She looked amazing! We have a similar body type so her results resonated, deeply, with me. She told me about this intensive, 30 day, eating plan she was following called the Super Shred by Dr. Ian Smith.

I was so motivated to try this eating plan, because of her results, that it made it easier to stick to it. Also, the plan is so straight forward, and effective, that everyone I have introduced to it in the past have gotten results. A complete commitment is what the plan requires and it provides you with the knowledge and methods to get results.

I went back to Ottawa after my visit, got started, and lost 20 pounds after the 30 days. I knew I was onto something when I dropped 6 pounds in my first week. Little did I know that the Super Shred would be a catalyst.

Something else that helped me stick to the plan was that there was no way I was going to move back to Toronto, (I was graduating later that year), at my heaviest. You know when you see an old classmate, or acquaintance, that you haven’t seen in so long and they’re much larger than you last remember? You most likely go away thinking, wow! He or she got big, eh? Lol! Well that wasn’t going to be anyone’s thoughts about me. My imminent move home built up my determination. By the time I moved back, in July, I was down 30 pounds and feeling amazing. I also turned 25– so it was a great time.

The following year I did variations of the Super Shred so I never put all the weight I’d lost back on. The highest fluctuations, in weight gained, I experienced was between 2-5 pounds. Overall, I had a much better handle on my weight. My consistent weight loss inspired those around me and got me dubbed as the Shred expert. Lol.

Which brings me to now, I’m my lightest and fittest I’ve ever been. Actually, never dreamed that my body could look like this. Since adapting a plant based, alkaline lifestyle in this last year and 4 months my body has gone through another transformation. I stopped needing the Super Shred when I went vegan but the Shred helped me build a foundation that made the transition easier. I went vegan after 3-4 weeks of vegetarianism. Then later adapted alkaline methods through Dr Sebi’s products and nutritional guide.

The entire process has taught me so much about leading a life that aligns with my body. You can never, EVER, go wrong with that. I don’t think we spend enough time listening to our bodies. It will always tell you when there’s something wrong or if you’re consuming things that aren’t for you. But there are so many distractions and food additives that make it hard to pay attention.

I wanted to share my fitness journey because I think it’s important to know that it’s a process. I’ve been through it, still am, and now really enjoy learning more and more about wellness and helping my family and friends along their fitness journey. The kind of nutritional coach I plan to be is one that addresses every aspect of your life because you can’t achieve good health when the other parts of your life are not at peace. Can’t have one without the other.

Keep scrolling for pics from various parts of my fitness journey.


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