Update …7 months abroad… I want more.

I wouldn’t be staying true to myself if I didn’t address my underlying need for more.

Teaching has in fact been a rewarding career that is providing me fulfillment that I’ve never felt before.  That I’ve craved. But being that I’ve never been one to entertain complacency I still want more. The fulfillment I seek has grown deeper and teaching in my current context just isn’t hitting that new spot. I’ve asked myself if this is just what they say about the human race never being satisfied and always wanting more. This saying used to strike me as negative, almost sounding like it was insinuating that we don’t spend enough time counting our blessings, but now I see that it shouldn’t be negative at all. Wanting more, and more, is a reflection of your development/awareness. If you aren’t satisfied with your life you should never settle even if it means going from one adventure to the next. That awareness you’ll be gaining is what will help you figure out exactly what it is that brings you fulfillment. Also, don’t be afraid to admit that something you thought was for you no longer is. In my case, I do still want to be in the role of a teacher just not necessarily in a classroom and definitely not teaching English.

I’ve decided to merge my love for teaching/helping others with my love for nutrition/wellness/health and am pursuing entrepreneurship as a Holistic Nutrition Coach. My specialty will be in plant based nutrition and sport and fitness nutrition. I’m so excited! I’ve always known that my end goal would be self-employment but never knew how and what. Now it’s clear and it only took coming all the way to South Korea to figure out. Lol.

As for my time in South Korea so far it’s only been getting better and better. I’m much more comfortable, and familiar, with my surroundings and I’ve been meeting some extraordinary people that I’m learning from and that are inspiring me. Your vibe attracts your tribe right? I think I noticed a difference when the culture shock symptoms subsided. After returning from my trip in South Africa I had so much time to myself as students were still on vacation. While the students are on vacation, contract teachers are still expected to report to school, and desk warm. Desk warming, aka. time to read, catch up on tv shows (if that’s your thing), rest, paint your nails, plan your next trip, take a course online, reevaluate your life. I’d say I did a little bit of everything but mostly the reevaluate part. My mind was so restless because career wise, personal development wise, and spiritually I felt like I’d hit a wall or plateaued. Uh oh, I’m starting to feel bored again… how much longer can I really see myself doing this? I want more, I need a break through. I want to develop MY livity.

So half way through my desk warming days I finally opened up to a friend about how I’d been feeling and we had a much needed constructive conversation. He said some things that I needed to hear. He reassured me that I was getting close to finding my livity. He reminded me that, now, more than ever it’s important to meditate, reflect, repeat. He was right, I hadn’t yet put enough effort into meditating regularly and I believe this was a missing component to resolving my creative blockage. The day after our conversation I found an app, called Headspace, that has been so useful for me. I’ve meditated everyday since and this app makes it easy to do that. All it’s taken for me is 10 minutes a day. I’m on my 45th day of meditating everyday and I don’t ever plan on stopping. It’s now as integral to my day as exercising and fuelling my body with nutritious food. I have a new sense of purpose and direction and that’s thanks to having developed the ability to observe my thoughts versus getting consumed by them. It’s peaceful.

Along with meditating I am finally learning to swim!!! This is something that has always been on my list of things to do. I almost drowned when I was in the 4th grade, and as a result developed a fear of deep water, so learning to swim isn’t just learning to swim it’s pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and overcoming a fear. So, not only am I learning to swim but it’s in Korean. My instructor doesn’t speak English so I get basic translations from the other participants and watch closely to the instructor’s body gestures. But, for the most part if I don’t understand something I go on YouTube to hear the explanations in English. I think if my lessons were in English I’d be learning at a much quicker rate but I’m happy with how much I’ve learned already while basically teaching myself. I’m currently redoing level 2 and plan to go all the way to level 5 where we learn to dive. So cool!!

At this point, my plans for the future, as per where I’d like to live next, are up in the air but I’m comfortable with this. The last 5 months of my contract will be spent learning, traveling, launching my business, and of course blogging. I’ll soon be looking for participants for case studies in my nutrition course as well as to build my portfolio. Let me know if you or someone you know is interested in getting help with your fitness goals.

P.S. I had such a lovely time this weekend that I thought I’d share pics– keep scrolling.



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