Okay.. now vibrate higher.

Despite advocating for self love and finding joy from within I must acknowledge that things are still going to evoke an emotion out of you sometimes. People are still going to hurt you, and make you cry. You will still get angry. You will still spew cuss words in your head, or maybe even out loud, lol. I myself, being emotionally driven on my worst days, have to really stop to make sure i acknowledge the emotions I have pent up or else i end up feeling very low. But, as the laws of attraction go when you vibrate at a low frequency you leave yourself open to attracting unpleasant situations, thoughts, and emotions. A chain reaction.

So i realize, yes it’s good to acknowledge emotions and deal with them when they come up but that i shouldn’t dwell in them. It’s the dwelling that affects the frequency that you’re on. I always want to vibrate higher so I actually stop myself and say, okay.. now vibrate higher. In other words, snap out of it Bamoni- what are you grateful for? It helps put things in perspective, and serves as a reminder of my greater good, as well as, all the positive things i expect to come back to me despite the moment of adversity. Emotions are fleeting.

I’d love to hear about the approach you take to re-frame your thoughts when experiencing a difficult time.


Speak your mind!

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