Cape Town + Robben Island – Final pics

What I liked the most about Cape Town was the African art, the Congolese live music, being by the water; as well as, the cool African people I met in Obz. What I disliked was the predominant European influences that had me really confused as to where I was sometimes.

If I were to try to express my experience back home I’d say South Africa often felt like a warm hug and in a moment’s notice a punch in the gut. Particularly when I first arrived. As my time went on I learned to flex my stomach to brace myself for the blows. Seeing the still very present segregation and oppression amongst other things was unsettling. The middle to upper class neighbourhoods are predominantly white. Now I understand why critics of Mandela argue that he failed at the economic liberation of black South Africans.

Despite popular belief about South Africa’s “progress” since the end of Apartheid, said progress, is up for debate. It doesn’t take much to see that South Africa’s wealth isn’t going to it’s original inhabitants. Imagine someone came into your home and stole your possessions, like the whites stole the mines in South Africa, and then they said let’s make peace but I won’t give you back your things. How does that make any sense?

Regardless of the f*ckery, overall, being on African soil and surrounded by the vibe and culture brought a confidence that I’ve never experienced before. Even upon my return to Asia I feel like I’m holding my head a little higher. Africa’s got my back! She welcomed me with open arms as though I’d never left. It was in the very subtle moments that I felt her the most. Mama Africa. I’m bringing her with me wherever I go, after all Afrika is where there are Afrikans.

This bunch concludes my trip to South Africa. I was unable to include videos I took of Robben Island, and Cape Town, but you can visit my instagram page @bamonikash to view them there.

Thanks for reliving my trip with me.


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