Joburg, Day 3 — Things started getting heavy.

At this point in my trip i was beginning to adjust to my surroundings but yet seeing things that were agitating my mind. In regards to South Africa’s history I think it’s very important to come and see for yourself versus going based on what we’ve been sold in the media about the struggle. The things I witnessed in the museums on day 3 and even in general out and about was making me feel a wave of different emotions. It got so heavy and overwhelming that by the end of the day, and after some wine and a couple long island iced teas, it all came up in a flood of tears. I could have drowned in the amount of tears i shed, that night, for South Africa’s people that have suffered and are still suffering. Africa in general. My people have suffered.

As it turns out the tears i shed that night was also a really cleansing experience as i felt so at peace the next day. This post has quite a few pictures from the museum and it’s because i tried to capture everything I saw so i could share it with you so that maybe you could try and understand too. I visited MuseumAfrica and the Apartheid Museum.


One thought on “Joburg, Day 3 — Things started getting heavy.

  1. queenkash

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    Hi guys,

    This has nothing to do with beauty or fashion but I had to share this amazing post by bamonikash. These pictures took home…home is Africa!
    There is phrase she said that stuck with me. ..”My people have suffered” …I would add. ..are still suffering.


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