Hong Kong + Day 1 in Joburg

Bless my heart for actually thinking that I’d be able to share all the pics from my trip at once. Lol! Sooo I’ll be sharing 1 or 2 days at a time. First up is my 12 hour layover in Hong Kong where i visited the Giant Buddha on Lantau Island. It was the perfect weather to be out exploring! Hong Kong is so much warmer than Korea.

On my first day in Joburg I kept it pretty low key. My family brought me to see a nice view of the city, we visited an African food market where we picked up plantains, and pondu (a Congolese staple dish made out of cut up Cassava leaves), to cook for dinner. Side note, when i was in Toronto i practically lived off of these two dishes! I also got to see Mandela’s home that he resided in before he went to be the ancestors.

Keep scrolling for pics.


One thought on “Hong Kong + Day 1 in Joburg

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