Thrift Finds — Silk

For this outfit, and my upcoming one, I had the pleasure of collaborating with a fellow Torontonian here who creates handmade leather goods, with love. Check her out on instagram @chic_leatherstudio and see if you can resist the urge to order one of everything, (it ain’t easy lol), she ships internationally!

The handbag went perfectly with this sick, silver, silk (try and say that three times fast lol) blouse I got from Goodwill for only 2500 KRW and black jeggings I also got here, from New Core Outlets, for 19 999 KRW ($23 CAD, $17 USD). I accessorized the outfit with my go to gold heels and my bronze choker which was a thrift find in the US. The stingray leather handbag by @chic_leatherstudio costs $93.60 USD. Saving on the outfit makes the cost of the handbag that much more justified!

Pics below.




6 thoughts on “Thrift Finds — Silk

  1. irelandpierlot

    Thrift and vintage shopping is also one of my favorite hobbies back home. Unfortunately there is nothing in my city. I miss it so much 😦 Where are you discovering all this thrift in Korea, if you don’t mind me asking? I know there’s a lot online but I don’t speak or read Korean. There are also some flea markets in larger cities but they cater more to businesses.

    1. Hello! I’ve been going to a Goodwill downtown Changwon. I’ve heard of other stores called Beautiful Store but i have yet to check them out. Which city are you in?

      1. irelandpierlot

        Ah okay. Sounds like you are in a way nicer and bigger city than I am. Im in Gunsan, in the Jeollabukdo province. It’s rather small and boring. Nice to know there are thrift stores in other cities other than Seoul though. Ive shopped at ALAND which has a vintage section, but can be quite pricey.

      2. irelandpierlot

        Yes definitely. Though quite scattered as there isn’t much to do in the city. There is also an American base it gives the city a not so pleasant atmosphere, if you know what I mean. Maybe I’ll write about it haha

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