Thrift Finds – Leopard Print

If you hadn’t already noticed thrift shopping holds a permanent place on my list of hobbies; so, I’m very excited to finally be getting back into sharing them with you! First, I wasn’t sure if I’d even find any thrift stores in Chagwon but lo and behold there’s a Goodwill here, and a few other thrift stores, that I have yet to visit. Secondly, I was also uncertain that anything would actually fit me. Korean women are, petite, generally slender and shorter in height which doesn’t leave much room for my 5’9, curvy build. Literally. However, I spoke too soon because I’ve found quite a few pieces, particularly tops, two more of which I’ll be sharing in the next coming weeks. First up is this leopard print blouse that only cost me 2500 KRW (approx. $3 CAD, $2 USD). It has buttons on the inside as well as the outside to achieve a tight fit around the narrowest part of my body, as well as, subtle “rushing” to further accentuate the waist. It even has shoulder pads which gives the blouse structure and balances my wide hips. To recap, my three favourite things on any outfit: velvet, rushing and or wrapping, and shoulder pads. Lol.

I paired the blouse with a basic pencil skirt from H&M, my goddess choker, and my gold Vince Camuto pumps. The clutch is my favourite one that I own, it was my first ever thrift purchase over five years ago (refer to, Who Says You Have to Spend Thousands to Look Like a Million Bucks?). I’m so glad I brought it with me, to South Korea, because I had a feeling it would come in handy.

Keep scrolling for pics!



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