It’s about that time…

I was looking back at all my blog posts so far and I can proudly say the growth is evident. My pride is based on humble intentions, the credit does not belong to me, we give thanks to the most High for providing me with the tools to tap into my full potential. I am a work in progress and once you catch a glimpse of your divine self it’s nearly impossible to turn back or even to look away.

It’s one thing to just write about the things that you plan to do but when you execute a plan and watch your goals come to reach, in a very organic manner, it is energizing. To recap, when we last spoke (refer to “But, sometimes you just want to be held”) I had something in the works to help me achieve my goal to get into teaching and I’m happy to say that Ill be moving to South Korea at the end of the month to teach English! Initially when I had the realization that teaching is what I was meant to do I did not actually understand how I was going to do it, soon, and without any formal teaching experience. I remember looking into things like enrolment into teacher’s college, here in Ontario, but experiencing some obstacles such as missed deadlines and the lack of jobs particularly in the English school board which I’d prefer over the French school board. No offence to the French school board I just feel more confident teaching in English. However, I did contemplate at least supply teaching in the French school board just to get experience in the classroom, as well as, being able to finally leave my present job that was sucking the life out of me. But supply teaching is on call. Another dilemma I faced was having to decide if I actually wanted to give up working full time so that I may go back to school full time and instead work part time. This seemed too complicated! (I was not willing to go back to earning part-time wages; so, in the future I know I’d have to further my education online so that I am able to continue working full time). All of these complications caused me confusion and mental agitation. I kept getting this feeling that I might be going about it wrong. Until one day the universe brought TEFL to my path through a dear friend of mine.

We’ve known each other since we were in grade one; I call her my husband although she’s married lol. She’s been a recurring event throughout my life. A psychic even once told us that we were mother and daughter in a past life and it explains so much. Our friendship has endured challenges, we’ve had our fallouts, but our paths always end up crossing. We can speak with just our eyes and can laugh for hours and hours about things you wouldn’t even understand because our inside jokes are endless. I remember it was in March; I went to an open call for Emirates. They were hiring flight attendants. Although I have no experience working as a flight attendant I figured that I could get this job as a way to challenge myself, travel the world, and experience new cultures. Teaching could wait while I figure out how I was going to teach. Little did I know at the time this was not what was meant for me. I went to the open call, very optimistic, and visualizing myself as already being an Emirates flight attendant. When I didn’t get called back to continue the interview process, that day, I can honestly say I was devastated. For me it not only meant that I wasn’t going to be a flight attendant and get to travel the world it also meant I’d have to continue working my 9-5 job that was sucking the life out of me.

It’s like, I started the day with hope and this idea of how my life was going to go and by the afternoon the vision was gone and I had no other plan. That day I went home devastated and feeling at my lowest. I sent Lyndsey, my good friend, a voice note, (our preferred method of communication for lengthy topics), bawling my eyes out about having no direction and about feeling like a failure. Then she just said it, “Have you ever considered getting your TEFL certificate to go teach English abroad?” I’d heard about people going to teach English abroad in the past but I didn’t know anything about how they went about doing it or even why they’d go so far just to teach. She proceeded to explain to me that this was something she had planned to do after graduating from university but ended up meeting her husband and they lived happily ever after lol. Once I read up about it what piqued my interest the most was that I could potentially be teaching within the next few months if I signed up and completed the course as soon as possible. Instantly there came a light at the end of the tunnel.

I was enrolled shortly thereafter and started the course in April. Completed it by June, (there is an in class and online portion), and had secured a position teaching in South Korea within the same month. The interview process was overwhelming at times because of all the different components you have to complete (i.e. sample lesson plan, essay, introduction video, reference letters, etc.) while trying to complete the online portion of the certification course. But, it did not deter me, I was confident that this was the solution to my problem of not knowing how I was going to break into teaching. For me getting to teach is not just getting to teach, it is me finally getting to fulfill my life’s purpose and doing what it is that I seek to do. Empower people. As well as, getting to express one of the things that define me, nurturing others. Now I must say ever since I got to this part of my journey I am certain that I am exactly where I need to be. This fact brings me comfort. While writing this post it’s even more evident to me that everything happens for a reason.

To reiterate, my decision to go teach in South Korea means I will be getting to teach, which in turn will provide me with valuable experience, which in turn will allow me to fulfill my life’s purpose. Also, moving to South Korea means i can submerge myself in a different culture. Check, check, check and check! Plus, I won’t know anyone there and Ill be packing fairly light. Fresh start anyone? I look forward to working with children and empowering them by teaching them a language that will essentially help shape their future. I’ve heard about many people who go teach English abroad with the majority being recent graduates. I don’t believe that I’d have had the courage to go off on my own right after graduating from University so right now is definitely the best time for me.

I will be continuing to blog about my journey from South Korea so I hope that you will continue to read. I also hope you see that my absence from my blog these last few months has not been in vain but for reasons that were very necessary. At times I felt mute. I just couldn’t compose a blog post that did not feel forced and that is not where I’d like to come from when sharing on my blog. It will always come from a genuine place so it can resonate with those it is meant to resonate with whether that is you or someone else. In my time of silence I’ve also been able to delve deeper into my spirituality. The closer I’ve been getting to fulfilling my life’s purpose and serving others the closer I’ve been getting to Ra (God) and myself.

Growth is achieved when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. Hence, I look forward to facing the challenges that will arise from this big move to South Korea. And of course, seeing what thrift finds South Korea has to offer. lol!

If you’re reading this and it’s not your first time visiting my page thanks for returning despite my absence. If you’re reading this and it is your first time visiting my page, welcome!


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