But, sometimes, you just want to be held.

Whether you’re in between relationships, in a long distance relationship, or never been with someone before, have you ever had that longing to just be held? Not even anything sexual just a good ol’ cuddle session where you could fall asleep in their arms feeling the warmth. Well, I’m headed into my fifth month out of a relationship and it’s been a challenging but very inspiration filled time. I recently had that shift in my mind where I was able to finally let go of the hope of reconciling or even maintaining a friendship. For the first time I’m comfortable with the fact that it’s over and I’m comfortable with the fact that I am alone. Did I already mention that it hasn’t been easy? Lol!

Plus, a girl has needs! Lol! So I’ve been exploring productive ways to focus that energy, such as: planning my next trip, taking up a new hobby, getting a certification, writing, exercising, and dancing like nobody’s watching. They say the trick is to keep busy, and although that is an effective approach, I believe it’s important to also take time to be still, to reflect and even meditate. Heck, why not even try some yoga while you’re at it? Imagine looking really good and put together on the outside but feeling like crap on the inside. That was me 3 months ago.

Through reflection I’ve realized that had we not broken up I wouldn’t be on the path that I am on now so it’s very reassuring to be able see that. I have something in the works to help me towards my dream to be a teacher. I’ll be revealing that soon.

I figured I’d write an update as I haven’t really mentioned this part of my journey in a while. Nonetheless, let me know how it’s been going for you.


3 thoughts on “But, sometimes, you just want to be held.

  1. Nice piece. Vulnerability is something our generation doesn’t know how to handle, maybe it’s because we equate vulnerable to weak.

    It’s been 2 years since I’ve been in a serious relationship but sort of went on and off with the ex for a while. Having the consciousness to move on from relationships feels like your ripping a chunk of yourself out, but growth and repair always leads to something more and greater.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Peace and Blessings.

    1. I agree with you about our generation. That’s why I want to show that these kinds of things happen to us all and it’s okay, it will be okay. Or, like you said you will be even greater. Thanks for the love Dela.

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