Atlanta + History x Art

Last weekend I got to go to Atlanta and visit family. Although the weather was pretty overcast and rainy I made sure to still do the majority of the things i had planned.

For starters, I finally got to visit the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. It was inspiring being surrounded by so much history and getting to see how much of an influence Mahatma Gandhi was to MLK Jr. I also got to see how much involvement Coretta Scott King had with the movement and that she even held a Freedom Concert in Toronto in 1966. So dope!

Next up, was the High Museum of Art, where I was so grateful to get to see the exhibit on Jean-Michel Basquiat’s unreleased notebooks. As well as, the African Art exhibit, which surprisingly enough had quite a few pieces from my birthplace, Congo. Growing up I’ve always felt like Congo has been forgotten because of the lack of attention it receives from the world, and even its natives, despite the ongoing corruption and bloodshed. Seeing all these Congolese artifacts made me feel proud and even more eager to finally visit home.

Saturday night I went to a Soca party which was a lot of fun. They also played reggae, dancehall, hip hop and even some Afrobeats so I literally danced the entire night. Cardio, winning! lol.

I had a list of 3 vegan restaurants I wanted to try but, i really missed my mom’s cooking and well.. you know the rest. lol. So I only got to visit one veg restaurant, called, Green Sprout Vegetarian. The food was delicious and the service was satisfactory. I went with family members that aren’t vegan and they enjoyed it too. Actually, I recall their exact words were, “If all vegan food tastes this good then I could be vegan.”

Lastly, I got to checkout a couple thrift stores and found some beautiful pieces that I can’t wait to share with you for my thrift finds. I’ve self proclaimed myself a Thrift Queen. Lol!

Keep scrolling down to checkout some pictures, in no particular order, from my trip, for your viewing pleasure; and please do share any other Afrocentric events or activities that I could check out during my next visit to Atlanta!


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