Who says you have to spend hundreds to look like a million bucks?

Growing up i never thought it was “cool” to shop at a thrift store mostly because of the fear of running into a classmate and having word get out that we shopped at Value Village. But, I never once stopped to think that if I’m running into someone i know at the thrift store then that means they shop there too and so they can’t tell on me because that would be telling on themselves.

Fast forward to my adult life. I can almost pinpoint the exact moment that thrift stores became “cool”, I was downtown with a couple of friends and we happened to walk past a thrift store, i don’t recall the name, but they had so much stuff and for so cheap. I found a really nice purse and could not believe that it only cost 7 dollars. Now, I don’t know about you but if i can get a dope purse, that is one of a kind, and quality, for 7 dollars— i’m sold! The purse had character and that’s what drew me to it. It was not like anyone I’d ever seen before, it was brown, with an african print and it was coated in a material that felt like, I want to say plastic but don’t quote me on that. Bottom line, from that day, I began seeking thrift stores and have always found some amazing pieces to add to my wardrobe that I proudly say, when asked, that I got from a thrift store. Often the person is very surprised and then I seal the deal by telling them how little it cost and by then we’ve basically setup a date to go thrift shopping together.

The dress I’m wearing in this picture is from a thrift store and so is my clutch. Both combined cost under $20 and my shoes are Vince Camuto which i purchased on sale. So my entire outfit cost me about $75. Winning!

I look forward to sharing my thrift finds and please do let me know of any good thrift stores that I may have yet to visit.





3 thoughts on “Who says you have to spend hundreds to look like a million bucks?

  1. queenkash

    I still need help with that. ..lack of patience on my part😆😆 can you help please?
    Any tricks to make it easier?

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